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About Cedar and Wood


American Cedar Maintenance


ACM Painting & Remodeling  specializing with all phases of  Cedar, Redwood, and Wood siding and trim, includes preparation, replacement, repair advice, maintenance and exterior coatings.


Stay with Wood


No Other substrate today can rival the integrity of wood and cedar siding It's texture, grain, structure, and performance make wood and cedar the premium natural substrate for residential and commercial buildings and projects.


Wood is ingrained in the human spirit, From the very beginning it has fueled our imaginations. It's ageless beauty inspires us. It’s  texture and natural charm challenge us.


We have never lost our fascination for wood nor our desire to build with it. Naturally, we want to preserve our most valuable wood possessions.


When nothing but the best protections and maintenance of your wood and cedar will do, you can count on American Cedar Maintenance to meet your expectations.


Western Red Cedar

The Midwest United States is home to three types of soft woods: Cedar, Redwood and Cypress. Western Red Cedar being the most abundant of these softwoods.


Western Red Cedar has one of the longest life spans of any of the North American softwoods. It produces long lengths of timber with  true straight grain. It is free from pitch and it's heartwood has natural decay resistance along with repelling termites and carpenter ants. The low density it holds gives it an insulation value superior to most other species. Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for nearly all purposes where attractive appearance or resistance to weather is important.