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Problem Causing Agents


ACM Painting & Remodeling

Mother Nature and people have their ways with cedar. Elements such as ultra-violet light rays, moisture, rain, snow, bitter cold, scalding heat, and lack of maintenance are the culprits.


UV Raysleft unprotected, UV rays dry out the cedar boards causing them to wear, blister, split, crack, and worst of all begin to warp.


Tannincedar, redwood and cypress release chemical extraction from all knots, imperfections, nail and screw holes, and all cut material.


Extractive Bleedingnatural resins are drawn out of the wood by moisture and sunlight; this commonly occurs in fir.


Mold, Mildew,& Algae — this is an airborne fungus that can infest almost any surface. It can rapidly spread in warm, moist areas such as behind shrubbery, in foundation wells, clogged drain tile systems, backed-up gutters and spouts, under eaves, and low-lying decks.


Nailhead Rustingheads of nails or screws rust with moisture, carrying these brownish stains downward. Very noticeable on light-colored homes. 

Caulkingfrom poor workmanship or wrong materials, caulking deteriorates, disintegrates, and cracks from the weather conditions. It’s a major factor for loss of energy.


Woodpeckers, Pests, Insectsthese pests like to take up residency in soffits, crawl spaces, attics, between the exterior siding and the interior drywall. They are noisy and wreak havoc on our siding by producing large holes, lines of pea-sized holes, or just practice their technique throughout. Flying insects, wasps, Asian beetles, and box elders can infest throughout.