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There are five phases of color pigmentation and opacity. Starting with the natural-clear look, then it is the first step toward an aging and wear process that will occur each time you allow the existing coat to go beyond its protection point. You will (in most cases) take more steps to adding more pigment to your next coat, in order to produce uniformity in grain. Each step of wear will add to blemishing, streaking, and blotching to its appearance.


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ACM Painting & Remodeling

- Preferably/face to face/on-site estimate and analysis report

- Power wash, TSP-minor soap         

- Mold, mildew, algae remove/preventative maintenance    

- Removal & install new caulking         

- Tannin and extractive bleeding priming         

- Prime all bare wood, oil-based primer         

- Removal of all pests & insect infestations         

- All phases carpentry·         

- Repair knots, minor cracking, defects          

- Removal and reinstall siding trim boards ·         

- All siding & trim, shakes & shingles, fencing, playgrounds, sheds, garages,                      gazebos, decks, etc.         

- Build wide range of shutters, planters, mail boxes         

- Decks, landings, etc.